In the future, we should pay attention to creative gift wrapping

- Mar 02, 2018-

During the development of gift industry, packaging industry has always been closely related to the gift market. For Chinese gift manufacturers, green, personalized and creative gift packaging will become an excellent tool to move consumers.

Now the global economy has set off a zero degree packaging, green packaging industrial revolution, to realize the dream of beautiful China, green packaging must be a step ahead.

Gift manufacturers visual design director believes that the first green revolution triggered gift packaging market has great potential, but the high-tech form of packaging, to design and manufacture from raw materials to recycling, each link is a big challenge for the manufacturers, but it is the most popular way of consumption.

Taking the wine industry as an example, packing and transportation is the first problem to be solved.

At the Shenzhen gift show, the box pocket with perfect liquid substance is displayed. It is made of many kinds of materials. The bag body is equipped with switches like faucets, which are convenient for opening and taking out.

The unique design makes the liquid outflow and prevents the air from entering, making the wine, liquor and so on for a long time.

The most important thing is that the bag in the box can reduce the consumption of petroleum products, save about 35% of the transportation and warehousing costs compared with the traditional hard packaging, save about 85% of the garbage generated in the bottle, and because of the light weight, the amount of carbon dioxide generated in transportation is 55% less than that in the bottled.

Nowadays, soft drinks such as juice, coffee and tea drink also increase the use of the bag in the box.

The new era gift market increasingly fierce competition, distinctive gift packaging can obtain the favor of consumers, professional packaging brand can provide the whole solution for the gifts suppliers, through the new design, tailor-made, cultural implantation etc., make related gifts in surprise appearance style etc..

With the increasing awareness of carbon emissions, energy consumption and waste reduction targets, the problem of excessive packaging in the gift industry needs to be solved.

Gift manufacturers pointed out that consumers are not satisfied with the excessive packaging, feedback to the market, gift producers to make improvement, to keep the beautiful nature of gifts, but also to prevent the packaging waste phenomenon, favorable driving factors that gift industry to achieve sustainable development.