Chinese Rites Culture: Contemporary Transformation of Rites

- Mar 11, 2019-

Introduction: Kongziyun: "I have always been consistent. "(``The Analects of Confucius") Mengziyun: "If you first establish it, then the small one can not take it. "(``Mencius on the child") "Huainanzi spiritual training" thus Shen Zhizhi: "Fu Tiandi is connected, and everything is always one."
The discussion on the enlightenment and modern significance of Confucianism can be said to be prepared, and the activities of learning and reading the scriptures have also been quite popular. However, after 2500 years, how to resume Confucianism's Big Ben Da Dao, so that it "stands up and lives," so that it is easy to change the customs and shade the contemporary, it seems that there are still many academic interpretations and physical skills to do. This matter concerns the inheritance and promotion of Confucian civilization(or ritual civilization), so there is a need for discussion.
Kongziyun: "I have always been consistent. "(``The Analects of Confucius") Mengziyun: "If you first establish it, then the small one can not take it. "(``Mencius on the child") "Huainanzi spiritual training" thus Shen Zhizhi: "Fu Tiandi is connected, and everything is always one." If you can know one, you will not know one; If you can't know one, you can't know it. "It all means the ultimate concern of mankind. Therefore, Yang Xiong talks about Confucianism:" The people of the sky are Confucianism. "(``Legal Words and Gentlemen") covered the meaning of Confucianism. "Shuo Wen Jie Zi" thinks that "learning, consciousness is also", that is, the meaning of life and physical evidence, not only the acquisition and accumulation of so-called knowledge today. Therefore, every time Zhu Zi uses the "One Thousand Kingdoms" metaphor for Confucianism(`` Zhu Zi Language "volume 27), Gai is taking this as the fundamental feature of Chinese Confucianism.
The theory of "one book" overlaps the Taoist, Taiyi, Taiji, God, destiny, vitality, Taixu, Tianli, and its scattered nature and human nature, soul, spirit, heart, ghosts and gods of the Han and Song dynasties. Multidimensional expression, The interaction between Buddhism, Taoism, and Kung Fu body evidence has become a source of life evidence for people to "improve their morality" and "change their temperament." However, today, human cognition has made great progress in large-scale cosmology, small-scale quantum science, holographic chaos, and life genetics. As a result, the "soul" of Confucianism should be scratched and polished., As a result, it continues to become the "master" of the trustworthy life in people's survival. When the key of the soul touches its "unique only" lock key, the brilliant "incarnation" temperament transformation is completed. Before the "University" was "self-cultivation", there were four theories of "personality", "knowledge", "sincerity" and "righteousness". After the acquisition of "personality" cognition, the rational boundary with knowledge has already emerged. Its settlement in the unknown field must be extended by the knowledge of virtue to "speculate". Sri Lanka's basic rationale for the formation of Confucian ontology has emerged after the emergence of the boundary with today's scientific cognition. Like the possible existence of those unknown areas, the "hypothesis" of Newton's "first driving force" should have a consensus that coincides with the thinking of Confucianism. The theory of Taoism is far from complete, but it is finally "people can promote the Tao, not the Tao Hongren"(`` The Analects of Confucius, Wei Linggong "). After all, the" Tao "body is the foundation of people's lives.
In other words, Wanshu, although those who feel that the system of evidence can be "straightforward" and "not in the middle", Yushang's public opinion on the "consciousness" road, It is still very necessary to enter this "one" hall because of the righteousness of the road(`` Mengzi·wanzhang "). Therefore, as the basic basis of "use", the "ritual system" continues to be particularly urgent today. According to the "Shuo Wen," it is said that "the rites and the rituals are also, so the matter is God's blessing." This "God" is the ultimate ontology, and the word "Fu" is interpreted as "preparation". It is also known as "doing what is best for you and doing what is best for you." Throughout the ages, Xianda has collected a wealth of "ritual rules" for this purpose. He believes that he, his family, his people, and even the people of the world, "come to learn", and traditional China is therefore known as the "state of courtesy." However, since the end of the Qing Dynasty, the strong influence of the Western learning of the East has not yet been completed. The transformation of the old "Taoist" belief has not yet been completed, and the modern transformation of the "Ritual" identification with it is still in doubt. "Book of Rites" cloud: "The ceremony is great. Therefore, since the formation of the ritual scriptures, the practice of ritual music has been changed from generation to generation, and the literature is preserved today. Its national code is if the Tang Dynasty's "Datang Kaiyuan Ceremony", the Song Dynasty's "Zheng He Wu Li Xin Yi", the Ming Dynasty's "Ming Ji Li", and the Qing Dynasty's "Da Qing Tong Li", There are also scholars Qi Jiazhi's works such as Hanbanzhao's "Nu Yan", Northern Qi Yan's "Yan's Family Training", Song Dynasty Sima Guang's "Book Instrument", Zhu Xi's "Zhuzijiali", Minglvkun's "Four Rites", Tuxi's "Boy's Ceremony", Qing Zhangwenjia's "Qijiabao", as well as folk rituals in various places, etc., have the merit of "God's blessing", and they can all be honored by the ritual of traditional recognition. In this era of globalization, the exchange of human survival wisdom can be used for reference, and the origin of the contemporary transformation of the "ritual system" is "the wisdom of the ages." Mengziyun: "The mouth is also the taste, there is the same; The ear is also heard in the sound; In the eyes of color, there is the same beauty. As for the heart, what is the difference? The one with the same heart, Heye? That is also the reason, righteousness. "(``Mencius on the child") is that the existence of rational identity can provide the possibility for the optimization of lifestyle choices. Therefore, just as the contemporary transformation of the "Taoist system" must draw lessons from the integration of contemporary scientific and cognitive achievements, the contemporary transformation of the "Ritual System" must also be based on the analysis of national traditions, and then learn from the wisdom of integrating the lifestyles of other ethnic groups.
Yasibeisi, a German scholar, pointed out: "Until today, humans have lived by everything that was created, thought, and created during the Axis period. Each new leap looks back at this period and is rekindled by it. "(``The Origin and Objectives of History", Huaxia Publishing House, 1989, P. 14) The continuation of Confucian civilization must also return to the path of consensus of human rational development, return to this new place, activate and strengthen the Taoist ontology in our hearts, "The body uses a source, There is no microscopic room "(``Zhouyichengshi"), and then a flower of harmony and freshness.