Several creative digital gifts are recommended

- Mar 02, 2018-

In the new era, there are personality, fashion and fun, and what you want is "you want to live." The largest digital feature "fast", the best beer "quality", the most ideal "creative".  Creative gifts can give the recipient more surprises and can better reflect their intentions. Here ritual domain gifts company recommends some creative small digital gifts, which, of course, can be customized for private enterprises.

Money cat Bluetooth box: do you often see a golden cat style ornament at the front desk of the counter or in the store?  Lucky cat from Japan culture, it is regarded as a mascot for wealth and luck, and that culture has been around for more than a century, was introduced to Chinese, Chinese businessmen also put in their love in front of the counter to Business Flourishes great luck in making money.

It combines the sound box, the money tank and the mascot ornament and so on. It has a wide range of use. The blue tooth box of Lucky cat uses plastic frame design, and its surface is crystal clear piano baking process. It looks very artistic and feels good. It supports Bluetooth function, and can play the audio player through Bluetooth connection. It is perfectly compatible with iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows and many other operating systems, without any driver, that is to say, instant play. In addition to Bluetooth connection, it can also play through the AUX interface behind it, supporting many devices such as laptop, mobile phone, tablet PC, desktop computer and so on.

The blue tooth box of the Lucky Cat adopts the design of the 52mm inner magnetic horn, and selects the rare earth permanent magnet material (SmCo), which has the "permanent magnet king". It has the advantages of less magnetic flux leakage and less distortion. The loudspeaker is equipped with a low frequency radiator, which can generate airflow, so that the volume of the loudspeaker is better, and the low frequency response point can be extended to lower the user.

Input power: 5V/100mA

Rated power: 1X3W

Bluetooth standard is: conforming to Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR (A2DF) specifications

Distortion: > 1%

Audio interface: 3.5mm

The signal-to-noise ratio is not less than 80dB

Weight: 156g

Size: W60*D60*H55mm

Perfume, jewel, Bluetooth Speaker: the first Bluetooth mini speaker product in high-end market. Its inspiration comes from the principle of perfume and gemstone. Its appearance is fashionable and atmosphere. No matter high and low bass, it is outstanding, so this design is ingenious. Whether it is equipped in a notebook or a desktop, is a highlight of computer peripherals, as a trendsetter for you, how can you miss!

The perfume sapphire Bluetooth sound box is designed with new design, simple appearance, square and type, small and lovely design. The charm of the notes and the redefinition of the sound box. The unique personality of the design, the aesthetical classic is very cute.

Perfume jewel Bluetooth sound box is the best partner for digital products such as MP3, MP4, notebook computer, desktop computer and other digital products! Own brand special mold package power amplifier, sound quality is pure and beautiful.

Perfume jewel Bluetooth sound box

Horn specification: 40mm diameter 3WX4 X1 low frequency radiator (vibrating film)

Output power: 3W

Frequency response: 60Hz-20KHz

Sensitivity: 80dB + 2dB

The signal-to-noise ratio is not less than 80dB

Distortion: less than 0.5%

USB specification: USB2.0 compatible USB1.1

Power supply: DV 5V USB power supply, built-in 500MAHA class polymer lithium battery.

Product specification: 150*70*23mm

Single machine net weight: 215g