The role and value of the advertisement gift umbrella

- Mar 02, 2018-

The role and value of advertising gift umbrella, advertising gift umbrella as a modern new advertising and advertising gifts, to large, bright color and good visual effect, the pattern design is not restricted, the structure can be arbitrarily selected, beautiful and durable, quality and benefits and other advantages, has become an important form of enterprise advertising. Therefore, the advertisement gift umbrella is the choice for the enterprise to publicize the gift.

The benefits of advertising gift umbrellas:

1, the advertising effect is good: where the advertisements are, where advertisements will go, the advertisements will spread to the surface, and they will not be attracted to the eyeballs, and not only will they use umbrellas on rainy days, but also use umbrellas and all-weather advertising benefits on sunny days.

2, low cost: the cost of the umbrella itself is low. A beautiful advertisement and gift umbrella is only about 20-30 yuan, and the enterprise or customer generally can use it for more than one year.

3, practical: shelter from the wind, sunscreen sun, whether it is the city or farm, adult or child, the umbrella, is a necessary product of home travel.

4, the advertising time is long: the service life of the advertisement gift umbrella is long! The advertising gift umbrella is not effective unless it is broken or discarded. 5, appearance: umbrella cloth, bright colors, exquisite design, even is a popular art.

Choosing advertising and gift umbrellas to advertise is the most inexpensive and inexpensive advertising method. Therefore, it has become an excellent choice for every big business customer to celebrate festival gifts, company conference gifts, company opening gifts and advertising promotions. If you have other questions, you can click on the Shenzhen Youli umbrella site to contact us, we can try our best to help you.

The material of the advertisement gift parachute

Advertising gifts umbrella cloth many yuan, mainly Sha Ding cloth, silver tape, adhesive tape, pearl pearl cloth, plain cloth, silk cloth and other fat. Some of the most common umbrella fabric cloth clothing called "taffeta, pongee"". "Taffeta" after waterproof coating is generally PVC glue, becomes waterproof fabric, extending into the umbrella industry "polyester cloth" (only coating), printed cloth "(coating after dyeing, lattice lines)" Pearl cloth "(coating + pearl powder)," silver tape "(coating + silver). The bottom cloth of "Chun Ya spun" has become the "touch fabric" and "touch the glue" in the umbrella industry.