Gifts, Packaging Design To Be Heart

- Mar 02, 2018-

Many people have this experience, that is, when sending gifts, all want to use packaging design to reflect our hearts. In fact, for many gifts, packaging design is of great significance, many in the international exchange of events we can see the case, but also our own expression of an interesting.

Basic creative packaging

Striking packaging can be very simple or extremely luxurious. Most gifts can be packed in the basic beginning of the package: cylindrical and other three-dimensional shape. These packages can be as small as matchboxes, golf carts, hot air balloons, and more. Everyone learns how to fold and paste containers that wrap these shapes. If you carefully fold the corners of the wrapping paper and double-sided tape, you can fold the angry rectangle.

Wrapping paper

If you are good at using paper packaging, several layers of colored or white tissue can be designed to lively and attractive packaging. You can type a stamp on your own paper, type or print marble flowers. Children often like to use potatoes erbium or engraving to do their own packaging.

There are many books that provide tips and advice on packaging techniques and adding value to your packaging. With these instructions, smart people can decorate the packaging design into the shape of travel shoes, mailboxes, bookworms, ice creams, bees, turtles, rhombuses, tramps, buses, clowns, aprons or stars. People can learn how to use the old vitamin bottle, milk cartons and flower pots to practice the basic shape of the package, and then beautify anything with tape, brown paper or popsicle stick, paper pad, metal disc and other things .

However, most of us have been using the gift wrap we bought to design a convenient and mundane package that is usually done at the last minute and is not well thought out. The result is often a signal to people that the giver has something else or is in a hurry to find a gift. In fact, the giver has spent much time choosing such a decent gift for that special occasion and recipient.

Gift packaging tips

Attaching a small gift to the outside of the package means additional fun for the child and a more special gift to adults. Such a small gift can be given to women's hairpins, pins, perfumes, kitchen gadgets or sachets, corkscrews, sacks, midsize soaps, colognes, bracelets or pocket diaries for men.

Pick the right paper for packaging and the way you want to pack it, for example, it is not easy to pack a small item with heavy paper. Select the size of the corresponding articles with colored paper, such as large and thick pattern suitable for large packaging. Develop your own packaging features such as color usage, choice of paper or ribbon type and design, and use of special containers.

Remember, the few words that express your feelings are more welcome than simply signing your name. Make a container on the box with a unique, durable or functional container or with a sticky paper, plastic or fabric cover. Apply fresh grass, camphor wood, feathers or a flower on the package. With a cheerful ribbon or ribbon to decorate, landscaping larger gifts. Use packaged goods such as personal stationery in an interleaved folder, a baby doll in a cradle or toy doll, or a nightgown in a pillowcase. Use small gifts as gift pendants or gift cards. You can mark your greetings on baggage labels, lollipops, fans, bookmarks, key rings, address books, and more.

Gift card

In general, the reason for your gift is reflected in the message your gift card expresses.

Experts believe that greeting cards reflect social change more accurately and more quickly than almost any other item. Nowadays, greeting cards reflect the modern trend, such as health awareness, high technology, single-parent families and women and labor teams involved in administrative work. From ingenuity to foolish cards, these new business messages are not only used to remind people of important traditional festivals but also to communicate with others. People should realize that cards of different styles and different contents can give meaningful meaning to different people in different situations. There are many occasions where greeting cards can be sent, such as a second marriage, a successful feast, a new office, retirement, adoption or even divorce. Not every gift needs to be accompanied by an unforgettable card. However, as long as one such greeting card is received, people will always save it for a period of time.