KFC In China Restaurants In Salute To Communist Heroes In A U.S.

- Mar 07, 2019-

trademark brand between communist propaganda and carried out a very rare, fast food chain KFC is through a restaurant to commemorate the hero of a household name in China: the restaurant interior and exterior decoration of all in the praise the hero's moving deeds. Located in changsha, capital of hunan province, the restaurant is KFC's first "lei feng spirit" themed restaurant in China.
So far, as a model of selfless devotion to the communist party and its comrades, lei feng still has great appeal in promoting party unity and actively developing public services. "Lei feng is our generation after generation of learning model, as deep into the Chinese market of the food and beverage brand, we will vigorously carry forward the spirit of lei feng, do the successor of the new era lei feng spirit. He min, general manager of KFC hunan market. (translated by wang huicong)
Robot waiters and snail pizza: how us fast food brands are pleasing Chinese diners these days, us fast food brands are having to work harder to win over Chinese diners.
The Chinese market, with a population of nearly 1.4 billion, has long led to rapid revenue growth for world-renowned fast food chains such as McDonald's and KFC. But as the economic situation in the world's second-largest economy has become more challenging, Chinese diners have become more diverse -- with fancier restaurants and sometimes bizarre menus.
Pizza hut, the pizza giant, has more than 2,000 restaurants in China. Operating profit fell 38 per cent last year. In my opinion, pizza hut's less successful marketing strategies include the introduction of snail pizza and robot waiters. "If you ask young consumers who live in cities with more sophisticated consumer behavior when was the last time they went to pizza hut, they will probably say it was 10 years ago when they went to have a taste with their grandma." "Now is the time to make a change," said cui rong, CEO of yum brands, pizza hut's parent company. "in the future, we will provide consumers with a modern environment with a bar, open kitchen and larger dining space." "In China, you'd better have more than 100 dishes on your menu, and the thickness should be over 1cm." Jeffrey towson, a professor at Peking University's school of management.