Notepad Custom Fashion Jewelry

- Mar 02, 2018-

The gift can be described everywhere, the notebook can also be custom-made as a fine fashion gift! With the development of the market and the needs of the customers, more and more enterprises customize the Notepad, in order to better publicize the enterprise, to achieve the marketing purpose.

The custom Notepad is divided into the inner core and the special edition version of the core two, this method is mainly aimed at the core of the inner core is Zhuanban Li domain Notepad plus enterprise information in the core of printing, such as product information, corporate color logo or enterprise slogan like, of course, page making the production cost will be higher than ordinary custom in the price, but the publicity effect so it; there is this version, the current version book suggests that the ready-made printed version is in the core of the production without any changes, just under the skin in Kung Fu, this version of the core making because can be generic, so it will be cheaper than the price of zhuanban.

Notepad is not only paper synthesis, but also the skin cover, and the content is not only written paper, but also advertising, dictionaries, and so on.

In twenty-first Century, the Notepad became more than just office and study supplies, but also got a steady foothold in the gift market, and became a gift. To date, notebook books are more about letting people choose to make gifts, send friends or customers, many famous international companies to enhance their brand value and publicize their corporate culture by using notebook book. A creative Notepad can bring brand effect to the enterprise even to show the strength of an enterprise.

Gift domain custom made notebook type: this book has a wide variety of types, according to the way of binding can be divided into paperback, leaflet, and leaf coil book. The material can be divided into Pu, leather book, leather book, book personality etc..