The Attention And Attention Of The Festival Gifts

- Mar 02, 2018-

The attention and attentions of the festival gifts. In modern communication, the gift is still one of the effective media people, it is like a bridge and link directly clearly convey feelings and information, deep sustenance of people's affection, without a word to express sincere love between people, a long record of people between the warm.

Give each other gifts is an embodiment of etiquette, is a kind of emotional transfer, will enable the two sides to set up a bridge between the exchange, in contact with foreigners, the gift is necessary, is to contact the feelings of friends and friendship in a way, but warm gifts should be modest, sometimes too much enthusiasm but counterproductive, so, in foreign gifts, should prevent such problems: first, to prevent excessive; second, to prevent too expensive, so that other people can't easily accept; third, to prevent large volume, easy to carry. Generally speaking, the etiquette of giving gifts includes the 3 aspects: the selection of gifts, the methods of giving gifts, and the acceptance of gifts.

Selection of gifts

In choosing gifts, gifts to interest in hobbies, do some simple investigation, match up, in addition, It differs from man to man., but also pay attention to each other's customs and religious beliefs, learn about other basic taboo, such as Islamic countries do not send wine, pigskin products, flowers, western countries even more taboo, love not singular, generally a single flower, color collocation will make more rich, more beautiful, all countries are taboo for color, that white is a symbol of purity; black is a solemn symbol; yellow is the symbol of harmony, and the red and blue is a symbol of good luck, many countries take the black as a funeral color, with a black hearse, Belgian Blue bogey, Brazilians in the brown color of mourning for the death, that death is like yellow leaves fall from the trees, Of course, of course, the protagonist is of course not a gift. When choosing a gift to a foreign friend, four principles must be scrupulously adhered to in the guiding ideology.

(1) to highlight the commemoration of the gift. In foreign exchanges, gifts still should pay attention to the counts, sometimes, "Jiangnan nothing, talk of a plum", tend to be more welcomed by the other, because in many countries, are not in giving too expensive gifts, on the other hand, is likely to allow recipients to produce a sense of bribery.

(2) embody the national character of the gift. Someone once said: "the most ethnic characteristics of things, is often the best" gifts to the foreign guests, in fact is the same, Chinese It is quite common for kite, erhu, flute, paper-cut, chopsticks, stamp, calligraphy, tea, once in the hands of foreigners, often will be favored, worth double.

(3) clear the pertinence of the gift. The pertinence of giving gifts means that the selection of gifts should be based on people and different things. Refers to the choice of It differs from man to man., gift, be sure to fully understand the recipient's personality, hobbies, self-cultivation and taste, try to get the welcome gift recipient; because of the different means, in different circumstances, to the recipient the gifts should be different, for example, in a state visit that ought to give flowers, art ambassador, attended the dinner, should give flowers to the hostess, souvenirs and crafts, gifts or candy and toys to his children, visit patients, are advised to give flowers to each other, fruits, books, CD and so on.

(4) pay attention to the difference of gift. Gifts to the foreigners, is absolutely not contrary to each other's customs, therefore, must be regarded as the gift of this event, this is the gift of foreign-related differences, to solve this problem, we must through to the recipient country where the customs of the understanding, in the selection, active avoiding taboos in the following six aspects of the other side may exist: one is the gift and taboo; the two is connected with the gift of color taboo; three is related with the pattern of gift taboo; the four is connected with the shape of the gift taboo; the five is connected with the number of gifts taboo; the six is connected with the gift packaging these six aspects of taboo, taboo, sometimes called "optional six ceremony".