The Development Trend Of Promotional Gifts

- Mar 02, 2018-

Promotional gift, simply is to match a kind of promotional means of gift. The common sales promotion means are: 1., to purchase the product, that is, to give the corresponding gifts; 2., to participate in the raffle after buying products, to get valuable gifts, and to buy and purchase products related products when 3. products are purchased with a small amount of money.

Promotional gifts is only in recent years has been a hot concept of people's attention, along with the financial crisis, the gift industry is gradually reversed from the narrow lack of coordination and mutual sincere elbow state, go division of labor specialization, vertical and horizontal integration of the road, and constantly open up marketing channels detailed and diverse, update the marketing idea. The traditional wholesale and agent need to be further improved and scientific, integrate with other industries, integrate marketing, integrate the advantages of as many producers and suppliers as possible, and occupy the market share through a wide range of marketing channels. This also gradually makes the service in place, the high level of service, the professional degree, the strength of the gift companies to highlight.

The rapid changes in market demand have led to rapid changes in the production of gift producers. Therefore, who can quickly launch the product, who can seize the market and win the customer first. In traditional enterprises, the whole production cycle and circulation period are dragging for a long time, which not only means that the market can not be quickly matched, but also means that the resources occupy a lot in the whole cycle. With the use of information technology, two problems can be solved at the same time to meet the demand of the market quickly and reduce the time cost.

Gift supplier around the market demand, the product (the intermediary business is "service") to get the market to achieve its commercial value, there is no market, the enterprise has no reason to exist, so the market related information related to the enterprise survival. Information technology is used to establish a close relationship with distributors, retailers and even consumers, so as to shorten the distance between production and sale, so as to catch market demand rapidly. The new relationship between the enterprise and the market, established by information technology, is a new field of speeding development in the gift industry. As a result, promotional gifts or value-added gifts are not being paid more and more attention, and more and more attention is paid to the price war. The price of finished fight object, make enterprises more low profit, increasing investment.

The price has become a habit under the background of various businesses to find the way to win the market in addition to their "price war" outside, the use of some "atypical" promotions, but also won the media attention and the attention of consumers. Promotional gifts came into being.